You've made a great choice

You are about to begin your own, personal Cash-Flow Analysis™. A simple, yet sophisticated process to determine where you are now, and from there, discover what you need to do to get you where you want to go.

Garbage in, Garbage out

The Cash-Flow Analysis™, a powerful tool that will take your financial information and compare it to a proprietary database of lending industry, credit services industry, and regulatory parameters to determine the best course of action to solve your credit/debt problems. As sophisticated as this process is behind the screens, the most remarkable thing about the Cash-Flow Analysis™ is that it is 100% FREE. There is no charge or obligation for you to use this valuable system.

But the output of the Cash-Flow Analysis™ will be worthless if you just casually estimate the numbers it will ask you. This is not the place for "ball-parking" your financial numbers. It's a time to be precise, so you can get a precise and effective result. If you estimate the numbers and realize how helpful the system can be for you, you'll just have to do all that work over again with the real numbers, so we highly recommend you take the time to be as accurate as you can the first time through. Click HERE to access the Cash-Flow Analysis™ Cheat Sheet which will tell you what documents you'll need to complete your Cash-Flow Analysis™.

The bill-payer should be at the controls

If you are not the person in your household who pays the bills, it would be better for you to have that person help you fill in the information required by the Cash-Flow Analysis™. If that's not possible or desirable at this time, then do your best to acquire the latest statements from all your creditors before you move on.

Over the next several pages you will be asked for accurate information about all sources of your household's income and detailed figures for every debt and living expense your household pays. This information will only be seen by you, unless you choose to show it to anyone else. No one at the DebtFree Academy will be viewing this information.

While this may sound like...and will probably feel, the good news is that you will likely finish the process with the most accurate and detailed picture of your current financial situation you've ever had. If you were to pay a Financial Planner hundreds of dollars to do this analysis for you, it wouldn't be any more accurate. Yet you won't have to share any personal information with anyone to get your Cash-Flow Analysis™. And it won't cost you hundreds of dollars. It won't cost you anything except a little effort.

So let's get started

The Cash-Flow Analysis™ will give you your "Where you are right now" picture in detailed clarity. When you're done with the analysis we'll show you how our exclusive Cash-Flow Dashboard™ can take the same data you enter for the Cash-Flow Analysis™ and use it to guide you through our accelerated debt-elimination process. The Cash-Flow Analysis™ will determine your starting point and the Cash-Flow Dashboard™ will guide you, step-by-step, to your debt-free destination.

So, if you have your income and debt information ready, click the button below, to complete your registration for your Cash-Flow Analysis™, and take the next step on your journey to debt-free financial independence.